Inclusion and Diversity

Baxter believes that an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce can drive innovation, create trusted partnerships with customers, suppliers and community partners and ultimately, contribute to the success and sustainability of the business. This thinking forms the foundation of Baxter's global inclusion strategy, which is directly linked to one of the company's key shared values-respect for individuals and the diverse contributions of all.

Baxter's global inclusion strategy focuses on four key areas-workforce, workplace, communities and marketplace (see sidebar). To advance these areas, Baxter has introduced several initiatives.

Fair Opportunity for All Employees

Baxter is committed to providing opportunities for all employees, and recognizes that every individual's unique background and experiences contribute to a successful organization. Discrimination in hiring, promotion and all other employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local laws is prohibited. Baxter's global operations comply with applicable laws and company business standards around the world. Employees are encouraged to raise any issues or concerns they might have through one of the channels fully outlined in the company's "Prohibition of Workplace Harassment" policy.

Inclusion and Diversity Training

All employees complete inclusion and diversity training designed to enhance understanding of why inclusion and diversity are critical to Baxter's success. Additionally, managers attend a half-day inclusion and diversity workshop. The focus of the workshop is to equip managers in their efforts to create and sustain inclusive culture at Baxter.

Global Inclusion Council

The Global Inclusion Council provides thought leadership, guidance and support to enhance Baxter's inclusive culture. Composed of leaders from the company's businesses, regions and functions worldwide, the council's charter is to

  • Promote and advocate Baxter's inclusion philosophy and initiatives
  • Identify issues and barriers in the workplace that could impact an inclusive culture
  • Recommend new ideas or initiatives to accelerate an inclusive culture
  • Identify opportunities to leverage existing initiatives across the company
  • Ensure inclusion initiatives align to Baxter's business priorities.


Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) provide a forum for employees to develop skills, experience valuable cultural connections and support key business initiatives. These groups support Baxter's business goals and aim to enhance personal growth and multicultural understanding, while strengthening relationships among employees, customers, business partners and community partners.

Baxter has eight established BRGs, the African American Leadership Council, Asian Leadership Network, Baxter Equality Network, Baxter Women Leaders, Baxter EnAbles, BaxVets, Early Career Professionals and Latinos@Baxter. The BRG for women employees, Baxter Women Leaders, has expanded to include chapters in Europe, India and China. Early Career Professionals and the Baxter Equality Network have grown to include chapters in Austria.

Other Business and Regional Initiatives

Baxter is involved in inclusion and diversity initiatives at its facilities around the world. In Latin America and Canada, Baxter sponsors an annual Inclusion and Diversity Week, during which teams across the region participate in a variety of activities including town hall meetings, volunteer opportunities and training sessions. In Western Europe, a "Boomers and Millennials" reverse mentoring initiative matches Baxter employees who are recent graduates with senior, long-term Baxter employees to facilitate exchange of ideas on how the different generations can collaborate effectively and learn from each other. In Asia, 14 countries are focused on advancing women to critical leadership positions.

In the Community

Baxter also supports and participates in education programs that promote diversity and inclusion in the next generation soon to enter the work force.

  • Science@Work, Expanding Minds with Real-World Science, a multi-year commitment to Chicago Public Schools to support teacher training and student development in healthcare and biotechnology  
  • Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy, a charter school  in Chicago consisting predominantly of Latino students, which prepares students for success in healthcare careers
  • Street Law Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching law, democracy and human rights, particularly among groups underrepresented in the legal field.
  • 21st Century Advantage, a program at Howard University in which students can take courses in business orientation, team building and leadership development and are sponsored by a corporation. Baxter serves as a sponsor and facilitates on-site training sessions and offers internship and employment opportunities.


Supplier Diversity

Baxter is committed to the inclusion of diverse businesses (small, minority- and women-owned businesses) in its sourcing and procurement decisions to reflect the demographics of Baxter's global customers. The company works to develop mutually beneficial relationships with these suppliers, embracing their importance in many communities.


Several leading organizations and publications have recognized Baxter for its inclusion and diversity efforts, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Australian Government's Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency, Catalyst, Chicago United, DiversityInc, Great Places to Work Institute, Human Rights Campaign, Japan's Women's Innovative Network, the Korea Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, the Másfamilia Foundation, meritus, Victory Media, publisher of the Military Friendly® Employers list, and Workforce Diversity for Engineering and IT Professionals magazine.

Baxter's Global Inclusion strategy focuses on four key areas:

Building a globally diverse organization

Creating an inclusive culture in which diversity is valued

Building partnerships with community-based organizations that embrace and support diverse stakeholder group

Creating competitive advantage by promoting Baxter’s commitment to inclusion through its brand, customers and supplier partnerships

Robert L. Parkinson, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
“Global inclusion at Baxter means we will promote an inclusive and diverse workplace where differing ideas, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are welcomed, respected, and valued. We believe that an inclusionary environment nurtures innovation, and creates trusted partnerships with customers, suppliers and community partners. At Baxter, we are in the business of saving and sustaining lives worldwide. Global inclusion is not just good business practice. It enhances Baxter’s ability to develop new life-saving technologies today and for years to come.”

Jeanne Mason
Corporate Vice President, Human Resources
“We've made our focus on global inclusion a long-term priority since an inclusive workplace is critical to our success and to employee satisfaction. In fact, we have a number of activities underway to help Baxter recruit, hire and retain talent from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. And, we are committed to a culture where all employees can collaborate and work together effectively."