Corporate Giving

Baxter International Inc. and its subsidiaries world-wide are dedicated to assisting people with complex medical conditions and are committed to being socially responsible members of the global community. Baxter demonstrates our commitment to the community through a variety of grant, contribution and other programs, including those listed here.

Continuing Education Grants

Medical Research and Continuing Medical Education Grants

Grants are supported directly by Baxter through the Medical Affairs organization.

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The Baxter International Foundation

The Baxter International Foundation

Grants projects that are expanding access to direct healthcare services to disadvantaged or underserved populations in and near communities throughout the world where significant numbers of Baxter employees live and work.

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Contributions Management Program

The Contributions Management Program

The program reviews and processes requests for Contributions from not-for-profit and for-profit Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) to support the HCO's mission, vision, goals and/or programming. This may include, among other things, charity events, awards, patient educational events and annual education meetings. For more information visit,

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Charitable Contributions/Donations

Charitable Contributions and Donations to Non-Healthcare Organizations

Requests for charitable Contributions and donations to Non-Healthcare Organizations such as social service (homeless shelters), environmental (forest preserves), cultural (art museums), and education (school reading programs) organizations should be directed to your local Baxter facility.